Always Have Protected Sex

It has been a norm for students to have something to do during their break, I for instance had a part time job when I was still a student in a store just near my school where I would report during my vacant times to get a few bucks instead of just lazing around or playing some arcade games or worst do some crazy stuff with friends. Learn more about xxx on this site.

So instead, I have this part time job and start earning for myself as I do get my monthly allowance and it is enough to suffice me for the month, but then it is something different if you earn the money on your own and have your own savings as you would value it more and would make you spend it more wisely and on stuff that you really need and not just for the sake of spending and buying something new to show off or just to fit in.

On modern days, things have really changed, sex has become more important in teenager’s lives and they would be doing it with their partners and at times with random strangers, so just to keep them safe, I would always remind my kids not to forget their contraceptives or the condom before engaging in sex.

I am not really promoting it to them but at least when they would be doing or having sex, they would at least remember me telling them to put on the rubber and do protected sex rather than doing it unprotected as teenage pregnancy is so rampant these days and so as diseases as well. So trying to be responsible parents, I would just trust on how I have taught them  on their decision making and how they would see things are through their own eyes.